Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Visita Iglesia: A Lenten Season Special

One spiritual tradition that sets Filipinos apart is the "Visita Iglesia" (Visiting of the churches). This old pratice goes back from the time of the Spanish Era. No kidding! This is some sort of a "Pamana" for us by the Spaniards - of course, they are the one who brought and influenced us with Christianity.

Visita Iglesia is done during the Lenten Season or what locals call it "Semana Santa" or "Cuaresma". This is done by meditating on the 14 Stations of the Cross (also called, Way of the Cross). The main purpose of this station is to help the Filipino Catholic Faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer through contemplating on the different scenes from Jesus sufferings and death. Usually, pilgrims do this by visiting 7 churches (2 stations per church during Holy Thursday, but with some, they make it a point to visit 14 churches.

To some, Visita Iglesia is a way to travel several historical churches across the Philippines. But here in Club Tourists, we're encouraging everyone to have it done by foot. This is some sort of a penitence and sacrifice for all our short comings, besides, this is done only once (1) a year. Featured here are 14 Manila Churches that are close in proximity with each other for this very solemn occassion.

Station 1: Jesus is condemned to death
Church: Saint Joseph the Workman Parish (San Jose Manggagawa Parish)
Location: 3025 Molave St. , Manuguit Subd. Tondo, Manila

Station 2: Jesus is given his cross
Location: Rizal Ave. , Santa Cruz , Manila

Station 3: Jesus falls the first time
Church: Espiritu Santo Parish Church
Location: Corner of Rizal Ave. and Tayuman St., Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Station 4: Jesus meets His Mother
Location: 1340 Masangkay St. , Santa Cruz , Manila

Station 5: Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
Church: Binondo Church (aka San Lorenzo Ruiz Minor Basilica)
Location: Plaza dela Basco, Binondo, Manila

Station 6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
Church: Our Lady of The Most Holy Rosary Parish
Location: 649 Ongpin St. Binondo, Manila

Station 7: Jesus falls the second time:
Location: Plaza Lacson, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Station 8: Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem
Church: Quiapo Church (aka Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene)
Location: Plaza Miranda Mall, Quiapo, Manila

Station 9: Jesus falls the third time
Church: San Sebastian Church (aka Minor Basilica of San Sebastian)
Location: Plaza del Carmen, Quiapo, Manila

Station 10: Jesus is stripped off His garments
Church: San Beda Church (aka Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat)
Location: 638 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila

Station 11: Crucifixion: Jesus is nailed to the cross
Church: St Jude Archdiocesan Shrine (aka St. Jude Thaddeus Archdiocesan Shrine)
Location: 1420 J.P. Laurel St., San Miguel, Manila (beside Malacanang)

Station 12: Jesus dies on the cross
Church: San Miguel Church (aka National Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels)
Location: 1000 J.P. Laurel corner Gen. Solano St., San Miguel, Manila

Station 13: Jesus' body is removed from the cross (Deposition or Lamentation)
Church: San Agustin Church (aka Immaculate Conception Parish)
Location: General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila

Station 14: Jesus is laid in the tomb and covered in incense.
Location: Cabildo cor. Beaterio St., Intramuros, Manila

For prayers during each station, you may check out this site
Easter / Lent - Catholic Online

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ace Water Spa

Summer heat has already started but scared of getting that tan lines? Ace Water Spa is the place to try. Imagine enjoying swimming in different types of pool with the benefits of getting a Spa at the same time in an all-weather indoor facility. No kidding!

Ace Water Spa is the first of it's kind in the Philippines.This is not a resort but a hydrotherapy spa. They boast 25 different hydrotherapy massage systems, steam and sauna and the one of a kind Hot Herbal Pool plus a Very Cold Pool not found in any Resort!

So read more to know more about the place.

Whats in our Backpacks?
Php 750 / pax
Fitted Bathing Suit for Females
Fitted Trunks or Cycling Shorts for Males
Swim Cap

Shout Outs:
-Ace Water Spa provides rental of swim suits , towels and swim caps. But for hygienic purposes, Club Tourists & Co. suggests to bring your own.
-Don't dare to wear underwears, board shorts, sandos or any cotton swimwear since the Day Spa won't permit you to wear that. Besides, your not in the beach right?
-Bare in mind that fitted swimwear made out of spandex, nylon or lycra will only be allowed to really feel their massaging facilities.

How Much is the Rate?

Adults - Php 550 (Valid for 4 hours)
Kids - Php 250 (4ft below)
Gift Certificates Accepted Inclusive of:
Shampoo and Body Wash
Soup after spa service.
Ace Water Spa charges Php 100 per hour in excess of 4 hours

How to Get There?

(Information from Ace Water Spa)

Ace Water spa is located in 399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City

1. From Makati via EDSA northbound - Take EDSA till you reached Quezon Avenue intersection. Turn left on Quezon Avenue. Go for several kilometers along Quezon Avenue till you reach the intersection of Quezon Avenue and Araneta Avenue (there is a Mazda Car Dealership just before it and a Chow King Restaurant at the corner). Turn right onto Araneta Avenue. Go for about one kilometer till you reach the next traffic light intersection. This is Del Monte Avenue intersection there is champion supermarket at the corner and Ardex motors on the left) Turn left at this intersection. You'll see Jollibee Siena, Siena College and 100 meters on the right side is Ace Water Spa, just before you hit Banaue, beside BPI bank Del Monte branch.

2. From SM Centerpoint in Sta Mesa - If your traveling from Manila turn left on Araneta Avenue. If you came from San Juan, turn right on Araneta Avenue. Go straight along Araneta Avenue, passing through the intersections of E. Rodriguez and also through Quezon Avenue. After passing through Quezon Avenue, the next traffic light intersection after more than a kilometer along Araneta avenue is Del Monte Avenue intersection. there is champion supermarket at the corner) Turn left on this intersection. You'll see Jollibee Siena, Siena college and 100 meters on the right side is Ace Water Spa before you hit Banaue.

3. From Welcome Rotunda via Banaue - If you came from manila , Espanya and welcome Rotunda. Take Quezon avenue till you reach Banaue where there is a McDonalds restaurant. Make a U-turn and go on Banaue passing through Orthopedic, the traffic light intersection of Retiro, still go straight along Banaue, until you reach the other end of Banaue. You will see the next traffic light intersection is Del Monte Avenue intersection where you see Causeway Restaurant on the left and Lecheon Restaurant on the right. Turn right on this intersection. Ace Water spa is just 50 meters from the corner on the left side.

4. From Bulacan via North Diversion - Take A. Bonifacio till you reach the intersection of Mayon (if going straight) La Loma and North Cemetery (if turning right) Turn left on this intersection, this is Del Monte Avenue (there is a Jollibee billboard at this intersection) Traveling along Del Monte avenue passing through the intersection of D. Tuason and then Banaue intersection. 50 meters after the Banaue intersection. Ace Water Spa is on the left side.

Where to Stay?

Ace Water Spa has no accommodations or cottages available. The place is a day spa and not a destination spa. Facilities provide a resting area inside the spa where you can rest and take a nap while inside the spa.

Shout out: Having a rate good for 4 hours, better enjoy and maximize the beauty and benefits of the place.

Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday - 6AM to 11PM
BEST PART is, Ace Water SPA is OPEN during Holidays!

For More Inquiries:

Telephone Numbers:
(02) 367.8041; (02) 367.8062; (02) 415.0164

Facsimile Number
(02) 415.2477

Email Address:
Spa Inquiries : acespa@acewaterspa.ph
Comments & Feedback : customercare@acewaterspa.ph
Ace Coffee Lounge Inquiries : banquetsales@acewaterspa.ph
Join their Yahoo Messenger Group : ace_promos@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

World's Largest Swimming Pool

Chile has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest swimming pool on the planet. The gigantic lagoon is located in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo city, on the southern coast of Chile .

Guinness Book of World Records has named it the largest pool in the world. How big is it? One over a kilometer long (3,323 feet), covering 20 acres and containing 250,000 cubic meters of water.

See for yourself!



Monday, March 23, 2009

Wellness Day in Tagaytay City

After a grueling week in the office, traffic, bad news or what have you... a much needed rest is needed to calm down the senses. A refreshing relaxation to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. In a not so far away place in the south, Tagaytay City is one perfect place to spend some time. The city highlights its cool climate, green surroundings and fresh air that are far different from the usual place your are in to and will definitely detached you from the norms of a very busy city.

For the Mind. Relaxation is the key to this and Nurtura Spa will surely give you a much needed peace of mind.
You can choose from a variety of packages. For lovers, try the "Magsing-irog". It costs roughly around Php 2500 - Php 3000 for 2 pax already. It's an hour of full body massage. After the massage, the crew will give you a chance to sleep and they will not bug you or anything. Relaxation to the max!

The Spa is located in the heart of Tagaytay. You can find wellness in this address:

Barangay Maitim II West, Tagaytay City or just follow the map below:

For more details, here are the contact information:
Landline - (046) 483-0804, (046) 483-0805
Email Address - info@nurture.com.ph

Mobile Numbers - 0918-8888SPA; 0920-950-5724; 0922-898-8654
Operating hours: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

You may also try Nurture Spa branch in Pampa

For the Body. Healthy food means a better immune system and stronger body. Club Tourists picked Sonyas Garden. This is a perfect setting for vegetarians and health conscious alike. Sonyas Garden has their own greenhouse wherein they harvest fresh vegetables and fruits. For every buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are assured that whatever you're eating are F-R-E-S-H.

Rate of the Eat All You Can meal is PhP 610 NET per person and menu is served in sit down style.

1. Green Salad (create your own salad of:)
Freshly harvested lettuce and arugula topped
with mango, broad beans, eggs, cucumber, jackfruit, pineapple, edible flowers in season, etc., drizzled with Sonya’s Secret Dressing or Balsamic Vinegar/extra virgin olive oil.

2. Bread
Fresh baked whole wheat sesame bread with an array of homemade dips and toppings: basil pesto, white cheese, anchovies, bruschetta tomato toppings. mushroom pate, black olive tapinade and fresh green peppercorn in olive oil.

3. Pasta
With two kinds of sauces and toppings: sun dried tomato and chicken cream with mango. Topped with ratatouille, salmon belly, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and grated parmesan cheese, pepperoncini.

4. Dessert
Glazed sweet potato , banana rolls with sesame & jackfruit, and smashingly sinful homemade chocolate cake from the Panaderia (enjoy with mint leaves).

5. Drinks
Bottomless freshly squeezed dalandan juice (local orange) and tarragon tea

Sonyas Garden is located in Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite.

For more details, here are the contact information:
Mobile Numbers - +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140
Email Address - info@sonyasgarden.com

Visitors may also be interested in Reading:
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anawangin Cove and Capones Island

Tired of crowded Boracay? or even saturated Puerto Galera? or long hours ride to Pagudpud? Featuring, Anawangin Cove and Capones Island in Zambales.

This is not your typical beach party type of location. Imagine a beach thats surrounded with Pine Trees. Yes, you've read it right. The serenity and calmness of this place gives a relaxing environment that is free from pollution, traffics, work problems and even other disturbances that can be found in the City.

It is considered as a "Place of Escape", NO cellphone signal, NO electricity, NO kitchen and Faucets and even NO Hotels around the vicinity. Imagine a place without all of these necessities... Hassle? Na-aahh... We can say It's an Experience! A place where you can enjoy even doing the old style way of living... Building a tent to sleep on, cooking using woods that you can get in the forest, and even taking a bath on a "Poso".

It is such a wonderful experience to try the old way of living... Anawangin Cove and Capones Island can served as a Camping Style of gathering for Families, Groups and even for Lovers. People can hike in the mountains that surround the place or simply take a boat ride to reach the island.

What's in our Backapacks?

1500 bucks each
Swim wear
Packed food
Flash light
Portable Stove with Gas

How to Get There?

From Manila:

Victory Liner offers ride going to Iba Olongapo. Go down to San Antonio then, take a tricycle to Pundaquit for the Boat Ride.
Optional: Either go to Capones Island or directly to Anawangin Cove.

Going Back to Manila:
From Anawangin ride a boat to Pundaquit.
Then ride a tricycle to "Bayan" or San Antonio Municipal Highway.

When in San Antonio, small groups can be chance passengers and ride a bus bound to Caloocan, big groups are suggested to ride a bus bound to Olongapo first for sure seats.

How Much is the Fare?

Victory Liner bus from Caloocan to San Antonio Zambales: Php 250
Tricycle to Pundaquit: Php 20 / pax
Boat Ride:
Directly to Anawangin = Php 1000 per boat 5 pax
Anawangin Cove + sidetrip to Capones Island = Php 1200 per boat 5pax
Environmental Fee: Php 20 / day
Reserved place for Tent: Php 100 / day
Bus from San Antonio to Olonggapo: Php 20 / pax
Victory Liner bus to Caloocan: Php 250

What Facilities are Available in the Island?

2 "Poso"
2 cubicles - "old school" type (curious? go see the place!)
2 Dressing rooms
No electricity, so better bring lamps, emergency lights or the like.

-Anawangin Cove has a private and public place to camp. For cheaper payment, Club Tourists suggest to stay in the public side since there are no difference at all. Same facilities are offered. The place is also SAFE.
-It is not advisable to camp at Capones Island since there are no care takers to help you with your needs and no comfort room or any facilities at all.
-Club Tourists suggest to have a day tour at Capones and other adjacent islands then camp at Anawangin Cove.
-For those who needs a room rather than sleeping in a tent, Hotels are available along Pundaquit.

Who to Contact for Assistance?

Assistance includes:
Boat Ride going back and forth to the island
Reservation of place to build your tents
Island assistance like extra drinking water, ice or lamps

Please Contact Max at 09092546470
Note: You can contact him on weekdays since he's in the island during weekends. As it is described above, when in the island, there is no cell phone signal.

For more pictures of our trip, feel free to visit our multiply site at http://deanavic.multiply.com/

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Lago de Oro, Batangas City - Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding in a much accessible place? Lago de Oro can cater your cravings for this type of sport. It is just located in the heart of Calatagan Batangas.

We went there in a day trip to cut our expense. Anyways, we just really wanted to learn how to wakeboard... that simple.

Whats in our Backpacks?
2000 each

Board shorts and swimsuits
Videocam and Digicam
Extra clothes

How to Get There?
For Commuters:

Calatagan Vans are available beside Metropoint Mall in Pasay City beside Edsa MRT. This will cost you 200-250 bucks going there.

For Non-Commuters:

- From Manila using coastal road pass through Tagaytay and go straight towards Nasugbu. Upon reaching "Y" junction just after Un-Oil Gast Station (right side) turn RIGHT. After passing Sugar Mill turn LEFT on "T" junction with Shell Gasoline Station on the left corner. Pass through Lian towards Calatagan. LAGO DE ORO is on the right side of the highway in Balibago, Calatagan

- From Makati using the South Super Hi-way, take exit at Sta. Rosa, turn RIGHT and go straight, pass through Tagaytay towards Nasugbu. Upon reaching "Y" junction just after Uni-Oil Gast Station (right side) follow the directions above (From Manila Bound)

How Much is the Fare?
Riding a bus from Pasay to Calatagan would cost you Php 250-300 only

Water Sports Time Tickets:

1 Hour Php 400
Morning Session (930-1230) Php 900
Afternoon Session (1330-1630) Php 900
AM & PM Session Php 1,386
Beginners Ticket
Php 480
Early Opening or Late Closing - Can be arranged upon request

Where to Stay?

Lago de Oro has 26 hotel units with complete facilities.
Room Rates include:
Single / Double sharing Php 4,840
Driver / Maid's Bed Php 630
Extra Person in Room Php 726
Children under 12 yrs old - free of charge

What to Do?
Waterski or wakeboarding by cable ski system
Swimming in the pool or in the sea
Walking/jogging around the ski lake (1 km)
Playing volleyball/basketball
Playing indoor games such as billiards, darts, cards andtable tennis
Reading book at the library
Watching movies/sports/news by dream satellite TV
Relax and enjoy having massage using sandalwood oil from Western Australia
Fishing in the sea or lake
Rent a balsa and relax while having your lunch on the sea
Rent a boat and see the coastlines natural beauty
Experience feeding sheep and lambs

Itinerary (Day Tour)
(Note: This is suitable to those living in Manila)

Ride GT Express FX in Terminal in Pasay Rotonda, beside Sogo Hotel
9:00AM, ETA Tagaytay Crossing, Ride Bus going to Lian Batangas
10:00AM, ETA Lian Batangas, Go down to BPI Lian and wait for Bus going to Calatagan
11:00AM, ETA Lago de Oro, Calatagan Batangas
5:00PM, ETD Lago de Oro, take BLTB or CROW Bus to Pasay

For more details about Lago de Oro, visit http://www.lago-de-oro.com/