Friday, March 27, 2009

Ace Water Spa

Summer heat has already started but scared of getting that tan lines? Ace Water Spa is the place to try. Imagine enjoying swimming in different types of pool with the benefits of getting a Spa at the same time in an all-weather indoor facility. No kidding!

Ace Water Spa is the first of it's kind in the Philippines.This is not a resort but a hydrotherapy spa. They boast 25 different hydrotherapy massage systems, steam and sauna and the one of a kind Hot Herbal Pool plus a Very Cold Pool not found in any Resort!

So read more to know more about the place.

Whats in our Backpacks?
Php 750 / pax
Fitted Bathing Suit for Females
Fitted Trunks or Cycling Shorts for Males
Swim Cap

Shout Outs:
-Ace Water Spa provides rental of swim suits , towels and swim caps. But for hygienic purposes, Club Tourists & Co. suggests to bring your own.
-Don't dare to wear underwears, board shorts, sandos or any cotton swimwear since the Day Spa won't permit you to wear that. Besides, your not in the beach right?
-Bare in mind that fitted swimwear made out of spandex, nylon or lycra will only be allowed to really feel their massaging facilities.

How Much is the Rate?

Adults - Php 550 (Valid for 4 hours)
Kids - Php 250 (4ft below)
Gift Certificates Accepted Inclusive of:
Shampoo and Body Wash
Soup after spa service.
Ace Water Spa charges Php 100 per hour in excess of 4 hours

How to Get There?

(Information from Ace Water Spa)

Ace Water spa is located in 399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City

1. From Makati via EDSA northbound - Take EDSA till you reached Quezon Avenue intersection. Turn left on Quezon Avenue. Go for several kilometers along Quezon Avenue till you reach the intersection of Quezon Avenue and Araneta Avenue (there is a Mazda Car Dealership just before it and a Chow King Restaurant at the corner). Turn right onto Araneta Avenue. Go for about one kilometer till you reach the next traffic light intersection. This is Del Monte Avenue intersection there is champion supermarket at the corner and Ardex motors on the left) Turn left at this intersection. You'll see Jollibee Siena, Siena College and 100 meters on the right side is Ace Water Spa, just before you hit Banaue, beside BPI bank Del Monte branch.

2. From SM Centerpoint in Sta Mesa - If your traveling from Manila turn left on Araneta Avenue. If you came from San Juan, turn right on Araneta Avenue. Go straight along Araneta Avenue, passing through the intersections of E. Rodriguez and also through Quezon Avenue. After passing through Quezon Avenue, the next traffic light intersection after more than a kilometer along Araneta avenue is Del Monte Avenue intersection. there is champion supermarket at the corner) Turn left on this intersection. You'll see Jollibee Siena, Siena college and 100 meters on the right side is Ace Water Spa before you hit Banaue.

3. From Welcome Rotunda via Banaue - If you came from manila , Espanya and welcome Rotunda. Take Quezon avenue till you reach Banaue where there is a McDonalds restaurant. Make a U-turn and go on Banaue passing through Orthopedic, the traffic light intersection of Retiro, still go straight along Banaue, until you reach the other end of Banaue. You will see the next traffic light intersection is Del Monte Avenue intersection where you see Causeway Restaurant on the left and Lecheon Restaurant on the right. Turn right on this intersection. Ace Water spa is just 50 meters from the corner on the left side.

4. From Bulacan via North Diversion - Take A. Bonifacio till you reach the intersection of Mayon (if going straight) La Loma and North Cemetery (if turning right) Turn left on this intersection, this is Del Monte Avenue (there is a Jollibee billboard at this intersection) Traveling along Del Monte avenue passing through the intersection of D. Tuason and then Banaue intersection. 50 meters after the Banaue intersection. Ace Water Spa is on the left side.

Where to Stay?

Ace Water Spa has no accommodations or cottages available. The place is a day spa and not a destination spa. Facilities provide a resting area inside the spa where you can rest and take a nap while inside the spa.

Shout out: Having a rate good for 4 hours, better enjoy and maximize the beauty and benefits of the place.

Business Hours:

Monday to Sunday - 6AM to 11PM
BEST PART is, Ace Water SPA is OPEN during Holidays!

For More Inquiries:

Telephone Numbers:
(02) 367.8041; (02) 367.8062; (02) 415.0164

Facsimile Number
(02) 415.2477

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