Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top 10 Travel Tips

Travel Tip # 1 "Leaving on a Jet plane"
If traveling abroad, check your airlines at least a day before if there are possibilities of change in schedule of flight or the like. This will definitely save you from possible delays. If traveling by land, check the schedules of your selected bus stations to make sure that you can come on time in the bus terminals.

Travel Tip # 2
"What's my Name?"
Make sure that all travel documents are in place. Tickets first, Passport second and ID third. Passport should be at least 6 months in validity. Bring other IDs as much as possible for verification purposes. Other airports require at least two (2) supporting IDs for security check.

Travel Tip # 3
"Early bird catches the Early Plane"
Get to the airport at least 2 hours earlier of your scheduled flight. This will void out the grueling lines along the security checks. This will also save you from cramming. Most travelers are not taking this seriously that's why they ended up going to the ticketing booth for a re-book of flight or reconsideration. Club Tourists doesn't want to see you rushing in the airport with all of your baggage with you.

Travel Tip # 4
"It's all about the Money"
Bring enough money. Terminal fee and travel tax are not that cheap now a days. You'll definitely be surprised when you see the numbers. Not to mention all other expense that you'll incur when you travel. Club Tourists won't advise you to bring hundreds and thousands in cold cash! Make sure to have it changed to a travelers cheque for security reasons. Credit card is a must have for emergency purposes. That is you know the boundaries what "emergency" is.

Travel Tip # 5
"Don't be like Forgetful Lucy"
Have a checklist of all of your stuffs. This is not to forget whatever things you're bringing in your travel. Another thing, when checking in baggage, put a very clear mark like a neon colored tape or put your picture in front to make sure it is easier for you to get your luggage when you arrived in the airport. As we all know, normal luggage comes in normal black or dark blue. Put some color into you stuff, it won't hurt a bit.

Travel Tip # 6 "Just follow the Bouncing Ball"
Itineraries are often neglected. Whether you're in a business trip or a vacation. Make sure that your itinerary is updated and handy. Why? This will definitely save you time and effort. Don't ever go to war without any weapon or find yourself eating dust. Whoooo! Seriously, organizing your schedule will make you effective and efficient all at the same time.

Travel Tip # 7 "Know your Crib"
Choosing and booking for your hotel. If you're going for a business trip and have enough budget, Club Tourists suggests to have a notch higher class of a hotel. Why? This serves as your second home. After a days work, you deserve a relaxation, some pampering, some cotton-like sheets and pillow that will touch your body. OK! We're exaggerating! We know you get our point. On the other hand, if you're going for a leisure trip, most of the time, you're out right? You're roaming around the place and will not stay much time in your hotel. You just need it for sleeping. So we suggest to book for a cheaper hotel, inn or transients.

Travel Tip # 8 "Have you done your homework?"
This is one of the most important thing to do before traveling - make sure to inform your family or friends to the destination you're going to. Life is full of uncertainties, you don't want them to worry if anything happens. Leave a copy of your passport, hotel bookings and IDs.

Travel Tip # 9 "Put your Safety Helmet on"
Don't forget to bring your medicines, if any. Period!

Travel insurance, travel insurance, travel insurance! Yes, repeat after me! Wherever you may go, whether travel locally or abroad, this will save you from any headache, bruises, torn ligaments, etc.

Travel Tip # 10 "Say Cheese!"
Now, all safety and preventive checks are in place. Don't forget to ask Him for some guidance and enjoy wherever you intend to go. Club Tourists wants to greet you a Happy and Safe trip!

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