Friday, May 8, 2009

STK Ta Bay! Cebu City

STK Ta Bay!, Cebu City STK Ta Bay which stands for "Sugba Tinola Kilawin Tayo Pare," is located in one of the streets in Cebu City. Outside the busy lights and crowded places - one of the best restaurant when you need a little bit of grilled seafoods, exotic finds and something to crave about like in "Lutong-bahay" (home-made cooking).

A choice of several types of grilled seafoods like tuna, squid and scallop. Not to mention some of the usual favorites like pork belly, barbecue and chicken. Imagine taking these grills in a fine restaurant with an average cost of Php 350 per serving, but with STK, an insane low price of an average of Php 150 per serving. Not bad right?

Top the grilled catch with some of their "Sabaw" (soup). Tinola is their specialty here! Cost roughly from Php 100 - Php 150 bucks. This is not just a single or double servings, good for sharing with a maximum of 4 hungry folks. With a less expensive menu coming your way, better order whatever you like without cutting short of your budget.

STK also offers "Kilawin" (raw meat blended with STK's secret spices) and exotic delights like turtle and eel. Yep, you read it right, turtle. During the time that we ate there, turtle is not available, but we'll give you an idea once we go back there and tried this.

This is all for now, a must try restaurant in Cebu City. Don't leave Cebu without trying this!

For More Information:

Address: 6 Orchid St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
Contact Numbers: 2562700 / 2534732


dimple said...

i am planning to visit this place pretty soon :) thanks for this review!

Francis Angelo said...

my favorite restaurant in cebu...

franz said...

my favorite restaurant in cebu... quaint and simply amazing