Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Sharing some of the sites while breeze walking in one of the famous places in Singapore - Clarke Quay. This place is named after Sir Andrew Clarke - this man made a big difference in the history of Singapore, aside from being the second Governor in history, he was one of the guys who strategically positioned Singapore as main ports for Malay states. Quay (can be pronounced as "ki", "kei" or "kwei") in simple English is a pier or wharf where ships may stop over to load or unload stuffs.

You can see Clarke Quay right now as one of "hot spot" for tourists. Colorful lights from famous restaurants and night clubs. Ride around the beautiful Clarke quay along river cruises or river taxis. Want some excitement? Then Clarke Quay's outdoor sport - GMAX reverse bungee. A must try for thrill-seekers. The best time to stroll is during night time. Lots of people from all races are all over to party until the lights and sounds are over.

How to Get To Clarke Quay:

By River Taxi

From Raffles Place MRT Station
(Standard Chartered Bank Exit)

By Bus
No. 54 from Scott's Road or 32 and 195 from City Hall MRT Station


Clarke Quay MRT (about 5 mins walk)

City Hall MRT (about 10 mins walk)

Raffles Place MRT (about 10 mins walk)

Map from Clarke Quay Site

Clarke Quay has 5 blocks (Block A-E) and Jetty. There are several stores to choose from. For more information, please click here.

If you're in Singapore,
Clarke Quay should not be missed.

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