Friday, September 11, 2009

Loboc River, Bohol

Bohol is one tourist attraction that a traveller shouldn't missed. Bohol tops all views because of its well-known chocolate hills and not to mention extinct animal like the Tarsier. But Bohol has other attraction - its one of a kind food-trip experience.

Several floating restaurants are found along the Loay Bridge, just 20 kms from Tagbilaran City. These floating restaurants are built from bamboo or "kawayan" (materials used in making "Bahay Kubo" or Nipa Hut). These are placed atop two (2) banka-hulls. These motored-bankas are the restaurants engine. On the platform, buffet tables are in-place with delicious local foods. As soon as the floating resto are filled with 20-25 guests, the experience begins! The floating restaurant starts to maneuver upstream, the buffet table is open, the local band plays from folk songs to local pop songs and the scenic view of the Loboc River just captures your attention. Not bad for an amount of Php 250 ($ 5) for a complete package.

Life along the river goes on with some of the locals do their daily stuffs. Not to mention several kids who will ask for a little change (coins) from tourists for them to climb in a large coconut tree and dive in the water. Hows that for a little thrill from the locals right?

The end of the trip, which takes about 45 minutes to reach a small waterfalls called Busay. As soon as the boat reached the falls, this marks the point where the floating restaurant cannot go any further. This just allows the guest to enjoy the view and listen to another group of singers with their instruments for their presentation. After some time, the return trip starts.

Visit Loboc River for a very unique experience.


Cagayan de Oro news said...

Seems really inviting to experience Loboc River cruise. I bet this will be part of our itinerary for out trip.

Loboc Floating Resto said...

On our visit on Loboc we tried the Loboc Floating Resto, a nice way o take your meal. The boat stuffed with filipino dishes and group of entertainers will cruise you on the river.

Then a stop over at one of the station will let you experience cultural dance and song of Bohol.