Thursday, February 26, 2009

Splash Island

Whats in our Backpacks?

1000 Pesos
Swim wear
Digital and Video Camera

How to get there?

Splash Island is one heck of a resort in southern tagalog. It's located in
Southwoods Ecocentrum in BiƱan Laguna.

For Non-commuters:
Take the South Luzon Express Way then enter Southwoods Exit turn right and you'll see San Agustin Church then straight ahead going to Southwoods Ecocentrum, in your way going there you'll see signs to help you reached Splash Island.

For Commuters
Ride a bus or a jeep going to Pacita Complex, from there you'll see tricycle terminals that accommodates passengers going to Splash Island. These three-wheeled vehicles will take you in front of Splash Island for a matter of 50 - 100 Pesos.

Transportations that can be considered:

BBL Bus -
Buendia, Vito Cruz and Lawton Station and even along edsa
HM Transport - Buendia, Vito Cruz and Lawton Station and even along edsa
Cher Bus - Along Edsa
Or take any jeep bound to Pacita Complex

How much is the fare?

Mondays to Fridays
250 Pesos Adult
200 Pesos Children / Senior Citizen

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
325 Pesos Adult
250 Pesos Children / Senior Citizen

100 Pesos deposit (refundable)

The good thing about Splash Island is the entrance ticket entitles to an unlimited use of every facilities within the resort

Where to stay? Splash Island is open from 9AM to 5PM and doesn't cater overnight swimming. Where to go? For Kids and Kids-at-heart: King Pilipit Rio Montanosa Dos Supremos Big Bam Boo Twisted Palms Magellans Drop Isla Pawikan Balsa River Tausug Trails Agos Grandes The harbor Boon Docks Camp Carambola Bannakita Water Wahoo! Twin Coco Knots Curl of the Orient

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