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Anawangin Cove and Capones Island

Tired of crowded Boracay? or even saturated Puerto Galera? or long hours ride to Pagudpud? Featuring, Anawangin Cove and Capones Island in Zambales.

This is not your typical beach party type of location. Imagine a beach thats surrounded with Pine Trees. Yes, you've read it right. The serenity and calmness of this place gives a relaxing environment that is free from pollution, traffics, work problems and even other disturbances that can be found in the City.

It is considered as a "Place of Escape", NO cellphone signal, NO electricity, NO kitchen and Faucets and even NO Hotels around the vicinity. Imagine a place without all of these necessities... Hassle? Na-aahh... We can say It's an Experience! A place where you can enjoy even doing the old style way of living... Building a tent to sleep on, cooking using woods that you can get in the forest, and even taking a bath on a "Poso".

It is such a wonderful experience to try the old way of living... Anawangin Cove and Capones Island can served as a Camping Style of gathering for Families, Groups and even for Lovers. People can hike in the mountains that surround the place or simply take a boat ride to reach the island.

What's in our Backapacks?

1500 bucks each
Swim wear
Packed food
Flash light
Portable Stove with Gas

How to Get There?

From Manila:

Victory Liner offers ride going to Iba Olongapo. Go down to San Antonio then, take a tricycle to Pundaquit for the Boat Ride.
Optional: Either go to Capones Island or directly to Anawangin Cove.

Going Back to Manila:
From Anawangin ride a boat to Pundaquit.
Then ride a tricycle to "Bayan" or San Antonio Municipal Highway.

When in San Antonio, small groups can be chance passengers and ride a bus bound to Caloocan, big groups are suggested to ride a bus bound to Olongapo first for sure seats.

How Much is the Fare?

Victory Liner bus from Caloocan to San Antonio Zambales: Php 250
Tricycle to Pundaquit: Php 20 / pax
Boat Ride:
Directly to Anawangin = Php 1000 per boat 5 pax
Anawangin Cove + sidetrip to Capones Island = Php 1200 per boat 5pax
Environmental Fee: Php 20 / day
Reserved place for Tent: Php 100 / day
Bus from San Antonio to Olonggapo: Php 20 / pax
Victory Liner bus to Caloocan: Php 250

What Facilities are Available in the Island?

2 "Poso"
2 cubicles - "old school" type (curious? go see the place!)
2 Dressing rooms
No electricity, so better bring lamps, emergency lights or the like.

-Anawangin Cove has a private and public place to camp. For cheaper payment, Club Tourists suggest to stay in the public side since there are no difference at all. Same facilities are offered. The place is also SAFE.
-It is not advisable to camp at Capones Island since there are no care takers to help you with your needs and no comfort room or any facilities at all.
-Club Tourists suggest to have a day tour at Capones and other adjacent islands then camp at Anawangin Cove.
-For those who needs a room rather than sleeping in a tent, Hotels are available along Pundaquit.

Who to Contact for Assistance?

Assistance includes:
Boat Ride going back and forth to the island
Reservation of place to build your tents
Island assistance like extra drinking water, ice or lamps

Please Contact Max at 09092546470
Note: You can contact him on weekdays since he's in the island during weekends. As it is described above, when in the island, there is no cell phone signal.

For more pictures of our trip, feel free to visit our multiply site at

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Anonymous said...

Anawangin is a great place to visit, for relaxation and new type of environment! enjoy your stay in a camping type with no signal and electricity!love it! away from work!

Marivic said...

nice post!

Club Tourists said...

Club Tourists would like to include the post of Teacher Annalie from our Multiply Site. She says:

"Hi icespoon!...I'd just like to thank you and your's from you that I/we get to do more travel...from your blogs before na...yeah!!! can see places with lesser budget.

Your site is so informative that you include all that's needed to be what's in your backpacks, the route to get there, what to expect, who to contact..galing!

Thank you..thank you for all the information you have unselfishly shared!..My family was able to go to Anawangin last oct 2008 all because of your site!!!..and we just can't stop traveling and seeing new and unpaved places after that!"

Thank you Teacher Annalie for this wonderful message. Club Tourists is glad that we helped you in a way. :)

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