Wednesday, June 10, 2009

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus Travel Advisory

Things to Know

Is it Safe to TRAVEL?
YES. As of this blogging, WHO (World Health Organization) has no announcement yet that traveling is restricted. Except of course if the organization announces a Phase 6 or Pandemic type of scenario. That's the time we should safeguard ourselves by delaying our planned travels especially to places where the virus is rampant (see updated H1N1 Interactive Map).

In a Nutshell
H1N1 (Also called Swine Flu, Hog Flu, Influenza A and Swine Influenza) is a new flu virus of swine origin that was first detected in Mexico and the United States in March and April 2009. The specific type of the H1N1 virus causing illness now is new or “novel” and in the current outbreak it is clear that this virus is able to infect humans and be passed from person to person.

Is it still safe to eat pork or any other pork products?

. Part of the virus may have originated from pigs but there is no evidence that the current spread of infection is coming from that source. The swine influenza virus is killed by cooking temperatures of 70°C, corresponding to the general guidance for the preparation of pork and other meat

5 Keys to Safer Food

According to WHO (World Health Organization)

- Keep clean

- Separate raw and cooked

- Cook thoroughly

- Keep food at safe temperatures

- Use safe water and raw materials
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Mavic said...

dame ng cases ng H1N1 here in the Phil., better to be aware and practice healthy living. Drink lots of water and exercise.