Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 10 Affordable Food Chains

Club Tourists gathered all the cheapest food chains that are perfect for Students and Professionals alike with a tight budget. Roughly around Php 40 - Php 60 bucks won't hurt right?

1. Jollibee 39ers
Jollibee offers either 4pcs Shanghai Rolls, 1pc Burger Steak or Beef strips with vegetable. These are all inclusive of 1 plain rice.
Contact Number: 8-7000

2. Paotsin's Sharksfin and other dimsums
Wide variety of dimsum choices from roughly Php 25-35 only

3. Henlin
Another class of dimsum. Siomai with Rice is a top choice.

4. KFC Wow Sulit Meal D
Grab the chicken steak meal with 1 plain rice and a regular softdrink at a cost of Php 50 bucks only.
Contact Number: 887-8888

5. McDo McSaver Meals
the following at an awesome Php 50 bucks only!

Available the whole day:
Crispy Chicken Sandwich + 12oz Softdrink - Php 50
Crispy Chicken Fillet and Rice + 12oz Softdrink - Php 50

Available after 10:30 a.m.:
McSpaghetti + 12oz Softdrink - Php 50

Contact Number: 8-MCDO (6236)

6. Chowking Value Kings
All-in for only Php 49 bucks. Choices of Chorizo Chow Fan, Crispy Noodles, Spicy Pork Mushroom Rice, Dumpling Rice, Spicy Pork Mushroom Noodles and Fried Dumpling Noodles. Includes regular softdrinks
Contact Number: 702-8888

7. RBX
A popular rice take out at a price range from Php 39 - Php 51 bucks. Different choices like Chow Fan, Tepanyaki and Noodles. Try the Seafood Bagoong, one of their best sellers.
Contact Number:
3673097 or 3673098

8. Goldilocks
You may try a combination of 1 pc barbecue plus rice or try the fried lumpia with rice. Pay only as much as Php 50 bucks for the treat. You're the 1, Goldilocks!
Contact Number: 888-1-999

9. Siomai House
One of Club Tourists Favorite! Usually they don't offer rice. Just have a take out of their siomai at a cost of Php 25 bucks only. Try buying rice from any of the food chains mentioned above at an expense of Php 10 - Php 12 bucks. Not bad. Still in the budget!

10. Food Courts
When in doubt, when you don't know what or where to eat, Food Court comes in handy. This is like a swiss knife wherein almost everything you want is there. The bottom line is, majority of the foods here are really affordable! So, begin the lookout!

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Lavern Owie said...

i love to eat the food on food chains.. yummy yet very affordable.