Monday, June 8, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks!

Lets reminisce back in one of the amazing celebrations in our relationship.

May 2, 2007 - The Planning Stage

Jay: How do you want to celebrate our next monthsary Av?
: Hmmm... I want something unique. I want something we haven't done before.
: <scratching his head> What? something unique? alright, but lets ensure this fits our budget ok?
: Sure no problem. Baby, I'm hungry! <frown in her face, she looks like a baby asking for her milk>
: Come on, lets go to SM San Lazaro to eat and I need to canvass on a new basketball shoes!

As we passed by Goldilocks, we've noticed this banner saying: Goldilocks Decorate Your Cake! We've exchanged glances with smiles on our faces. We were able to communicate without even saying a word. Imagine a lit bulb on top of us with matching sound effects - "TING!" Very bright idea huh?! LOL!

May 3, 2007 - 31st Monthsary Celebration

We were both thrilled about the thought of decorating our first cake ever! We were chit-chatting about the designs and stuffs. We're definitely clueless how to do it. Unless of course, our only idea was those cooking shows in TV. That's a lot harder right?

Our pastry designing started when
Av went to the cashier and asks for the tools for the cake decoration. After paying just Php 50 bucks, helpful crews assigned the table we'll be using to do our masterpiece. The basic tools are the following:

Metal Bowl with Vanilla-flavored Icing in it and Spatula

Pink Piping Tube with Pink Frost

Mamon Bread

A Piece of Flower Icing

Cartoon Network Box for Packaging

Av: <excited> What would be our design?
Jay: <making a killer smile> Lets put a number 3 on top of the cake since that's our number right? Then you'll do the decorating part in the body.
: <on her game face. i guess killer smiles won't work this days> Alrighty! You put the number 3, I'll concentrate on the heart shapes in the cake!
: Ammm... Okay...

We've extracted all our skills from the time we had our
Art Subject in grade school to the time we had drafting classes in college to ensure all of the lines are symmetrical with each other and the cake is a close to perfect circle. All these engineering and IT related stuffs really paid off in this one of a kind treat! Whew!

Activities, such as this, are good enough to explore something new and to discover some hidden talents.
You're the 1, Goldilocks because of your unique activity, this makes our monthly celebration one of a kind. This gives us the chance to share our creative sides, be a short-time pastry chef and of course more bonding with each other! You're the BEST!

Its almost an hour now and our baby is finished! Excitement filled the whole shop of Goldilocks. Mamon is one of our favorite in Goldilocks and adding a twist to it makes more special! Can't wait to have a slice! It looks sooooo delicious! Have a look...

Our Masterpiece!

Having as celebration need not be expensive. Be creative, try to research on new things, and explore beyond the norms. Just like what Goldilocks did, they captured their patrons imagination by giving them a chance to decorate a cake. This could be an ordinary thing for some, but for us, we maximized and enjoyed it! This experience will be part of our countless monthly and hundred days celebrations.

Goldilocks will be forever in our wonderland
Thanks Goldilocks!


Sammy Feliciano said...

My wife's really love Goldilocks!

here's our entry:

Berryblitz said...

puede na kayo magbukas ng sariling bakeshop! ganda ng ginawa nyong cake, unlike yung sa ibang nakikita ko sa goldilocks na nagdedecorate ng cake

here's my entry:

PinkNote said...

i LOVE your pink cake! cutie!^^

posted mine,at last!=)

Goodluck to us all!

Club Tourists said...

@Sammy Feliciano

Same here Sir Sammy. We loved Goldilocks very much. yum yum!

I'm craving for sans rival right now...

Club Tourists said...


We'll have that considered Ms. Berryblitz :) Thanks for appreciating our first cake masterpiece!

Club Tourists said...


Color Pink is my girlfriends favorite. :)