Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gelatone, Greenbelt Makati City

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert, similar (and tastes like) ice cream. With our curiosity, we tried this in Gelatone in Greenbelt 3. Quite expensive for a single scoop worth Php 100 bucks but its all worth it. Because of our love in ice cream, a single scoop won't hurt. They say, Gelato has lower fat compared with the regular ice cream. Good for health conscious folks. This is one healthy ice cream just like in BTIC. So help yourself.

Whatever the version of the ice cream is, the satisfying taste that this cold treat offers is incomparable. Rain or shine, whatever the weather is, this won't stop us.

Take a lick.

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Gelatone Hits Its 3rd Year Anniversary


Ma. Teresa V. said...

Hi guys!


We will be celebrating our 3rd year at Gelatone this April. To celebrate, we are launching some sort of a photo contest where we will be inviting our friends/clients to send us photos that depict their Gelatone Experience. We would like to come out with some posters (not tarps) to put up in the store and in standees on the tables.

My graphic artist has recommended we try to use photos that have appeared in our blog for the promo. Would it be okay if we use the photo that you posted (the pretty photo with the scoop of gelato) as one of the photos that we will print for the poster?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Warm regards and don’t forget to visit the store to balance this incredibly hot summer!


Tess Songco
Gelatone, Inc.

Ma. Teresa V. said...

Hi! This is Tess Songco of Gelatone. We are coming up with a Photo Promo this March/April in line with Gelatone's 3rd anniversary and I would like to ask your permission if I can use the photo posted here for our Poster/In House Standee for the promo. (No tarps here) I hope you will agree.

Many thanks!