Monday, July 6, 2009

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant, Manila

One of the oldest Mami and Siopao Resto in Philippines is the R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant. This all began when the late Chinoy Ma Mon Luk (aka Mami King) migrated here in the Philippines. His experience started when he went here to ask the hand of a wealthy Cantonese girl but unfortunately, just like in any "tele-seryes" (filipino mini-movie thats broadcasted in primetime tv), the rich parents don't like a poor kid for their daughter. Tragic love story right? Loveless and penniless, Ma Mon Luk tried to check his luck in the streets by selling chicken noodle soup. Can you imagine a "magta-taho" who has a bamboo pole in his shoulder with 2 metal containers on both ends? That's how he goes around Manila to offer his tasty treat. It paid of. He's very popular with students in Manila during breaks and even lunch times. Who wouldn't try a hot noodle soup with bits of chicken in it, try adding some pepper and fish sauce... imagining it is simply satisfying!

Man Mon Luk's hardship paid-off. From a hawker to entrepreneur, he started his first resto in Binondo Manila. He's offering not just noodle soup but other dumplings like Siopao and Siomai. Because of its unmatched taste, the restaurant grew its popularity until it reaches 6 major branches all over the metro.

Now, only 2 branches stand. One is quietly located in the busy street of Quiapo, Manila and the other is in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Different branches but with same taste, look and feel. Tradition, practices and even utensils are old-school. But what the heck, all you need to do is to finish your mami and special siopao right? Club Tourists recommend the special siopao. Try it and compare.

R. Ma Mon Luk, Quiapo Manila

Just like before, old-timers together with their younger siblings, enjoy the food that Ma Mon Luk has left. This is his legacy. A legacy that will be transferred generations after generations. So better enjoy it while its hot!

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant Menu and Prices

Special Mami - Php 95
Regular Mami - Php 85
Beef Mami - Php 100
Special Siopao - Php 55
Regular Siopao - Php 40
San Yuk Pao - Php 55
Siomai (2pcs) - Php 40

For more information about R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant Branches

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant
545 Quezon Blvd., Quiapo Manila
Contact Number: 02-7337596

R. Ma Mon Luk Restaurant
408 Quezon Ave., Quezon City
Contact Number: 02-7123560


Nobe said...

i love siomai. i can eat a whole plate and still not be satisfied. hahaha!


Club Tourists said...


Siomai plus Mami equals complete meal for me in R. Ma Mon Luk :)