Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy Crepes, Robinsons Galleria

We love Crepes so much that's why we've alotted one space for this yummy treat. Crepe is a simple, do it on your own treat. This is made by pouring batter (mixture of flour, water, egg and milk) in a hot circular pan. After making a "pancake-like" look, take it away from heat and pour whatever treats you like! Different fruits like strawberry, mango, apple or what have you. Put in some syrup like chocolate or vanilla or spread Nutella or peanut butter into it. Sprinkle it with nuts, cereals, choco flakes or chips. After placing whatever ingredients you may desire, top it with whip cream or ice cream and a lot more of fruit tidbits.


Club Tourists recommend Crazy Crepe located in 3rd Level Robinson's Galleria. Just prepare a budget of Php 200 and below to enjoy this. Yummy!

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