Monday, August 3, 2009

Hong Kong, Secod Day Tour

Second day is busier in Hong Kong. We woke up early to go to the Repulse Bay. It's one of Hong Kongs Beach. White Sand but Boracay is better! We took some shots, wade in the water and enjoy the sun.

Next stop is the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping Lantau Island. Wuhooo! One mistake we made was we took the almost 2-3 hours bus ride instead of riding the cable car! what the! Anyways, at least we still ended up in front of the Big Buddha without a scratch. Imagine going to the 100 steps in Baguio? Thats how it works here. We went to more than a hundred steps just to see the Buddha upclose. While on the top, you can see almost the whole Hong Kong. Just like in The Victoria Peak. Nice!
Not to mention walking right through the Po Lin Monastery. Preservation of culture at its best!

We didn't spend much time in Ngong Ping by the way since our next stop is, where else, Hong Kong Disneyland! wuhooo! We went there aboard the MTR Disneyland Resort Line. The trains themselves are sleek and modern, but their colors and fanciful details, including Mickey Mouse-shaped windows trimmed in red that look out over gold ribbons and sparkling pixie dust, provide a classic look that enables them to appear equally at home in either of their destinations: the futuristic Sunny Bay Station and the Victorian-themed Disneyland Resort Station.This makes the very first dedicated train line for a Disney theme park anywhere in the world! Imagine the excitement we've experience aboard it until we've reached the park. We can describe it in 1 work - "Magical!"

There's a lot to see, hear, do and experience in Hong Kong Disneyland. We are like kids waving to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear and all other Disney Characters. One of the best experienced that we will treasure and of share to our family in the future!

That's the highlight of our stay in Hong Kong. We love the country so much that we don't wanna go home anymore! we wish! Catch our next blog regarding Hong Kong. We will tackle each and every tourists spot in detail.

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