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Cagayan de Oro - White Water Rafting

Wiki says "Rafting or whitewater rafting" is a challenging recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers. The development of this activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the mid 1970s." With the description given above, one word comes up in our mind and that's "EXCITEMENT".

Club Tourists traveled almost 500 mile Southeast of Manila to reach Cagayan de Oro. When we're talking about White Water Rafting in the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro is the top choice. As a first timer in this extreme sport, CDO river will definitely give up some "ooohhhs" and "aahhhhs" while conquering almost 20 rapids at an average interval of 5-10 minutes. The river stretch from Baraga Dansolihon to the city provides you with a picture perfect view of the river's rocky walls, coral reefs that are already exposed due to low tide, a glimpse of Bukidnon from the other side of the river and some water snakes neighborhood are just some add-on thrills.

The Crew
Before taking the thrill-seeking ride, one of the top priority is to choose what white water rafting company to choose from. Safety should be the top of mind since we have kids aboard. There are several provider across Cagayan de Oro and Club Tourists chose The Red Raft. They are one of the established group in the business and we are pretty sure they know what they are doing. The crew provides the state of the art raft, personal flotation devices, helmets, paddles and all other safety gears that are needed for the ride.

Safety First

White Water Rafting is a team sport. Paddlers are strategically placed in every part of the raft and should have synchronization. Without this, you'll end-up falling in the water with the rest of the group.

Helmets and life vests are two of the most important tools in this sport. This gives you the needed security in this extreme scenario. Don't ever cross the rapids without it.

Crew from The Red Rafts gave us some briefing. First piece of instruction is the Paddle. Basically, it has 3 main parts: The T-grip, the shaft and the blade. Proper way to hold the paddle is (assuming you're seated in the left side of the raft) hold the T-grip with your right hand. Hold it as if you're holding a bar.This will prevent your hand from slipping (Note: Club Tourists suggest to use a gloves to avoid cuts and bruises during paddling). Your left hand should hold the shaft almost 1-2 foot away from the blade. When paddling, submerged the blade in the water for some power.

Next stop, the crew gave us a brief description on how to be safe in the Raft. The raft has a foot lock in it that will give something to rely on when the rapid gets tough. Make sure to put your foot/feet in it to make sure that you hang on.

Another important orientation is if we fall down the raft. We practiced what to do in the water and then the ones on the raft practiced how to get the person who fell back in the raft.

One mind-blowing reminder from the navigator is to make sure we listen to each and every instruction if we want to have a fighting chance to survive the rapids. Hard or easy paddling, whatever is needed, we should comply. It's not that simple mind you guys.

Understanding the Rapids
There are several grades or classification of the rapids. The international standard for white river rafting has 6 classification. 1 being the most "friendly" and 6 being the most dangerous or should we say - life threatening. Cagayan de Oro's river is classified as a Class 3. This means rapids have fairly high waves, broken water, exposed rocks and small falls. The passage may be difficult to recognize from the river and maneuvering to negotiate the rapid is required. With this classification, listening to your navigator is vital.

Encounter with the Mighty Rapids

When our group are all in the raft, excitement filled over the raft. When we took our first taste of the rapids - whew! Multi-tasking is a key ingredient since we need to paddle and listen to whatever our navigator is instructing us.

The navigator shouts:

"Get ready guys, HERE COMES THE RAPIDS....


Again!!! HARD PADDLE!!!




We are all anxious of falling in the water since its gonna be one heck of a ride.

The navigator is the driver and we are his engine. When we need to maneuver our way in the rapids or in between boulders of rock, we'll hear different instructions like PADDLE RIGHT that means only the people seated at the right side of the boat will paddle and PADDLE LEFT only the ones seated on the left side will paddle. STOP PADDLING means we'll just go with the flow of the rapids.

After a successful run in the rapids, the navigator shouts.


This is where we raised up all our paddles with blades up after conquering the mighty one and shout out loud in celebration! "WUHOOOOOO!!!"

There are almost 20 rapids along the beginner course and its pretty much enjoyable to conquer all of them without falling down the water. There are other challenging courses to choose from and Club Tourists will take you there the next time.

The package includes the food. Pretty descent and tasty food was served. Native barbecue chicken, tuna fish, banana, rice and mineral water are part of the treat. Don't forget the tasty "
pinakurat" (sauce) that compliments all the grilled viands. Yummy!

This is White Water Rafting at its Best! Enjoy team work with your group, the fascinating sites and views and not to mention a little bit of splash into your face. For family, team building or just thrill-seekers... this is BEST for you.

Club Tourists is now in YouTube!

For more information about White Water Rafting Operators:

The Red Rafts
Contact Numbers: 09289355358, 09224835457
Email Address:
Contact person: Rex Tapongot
Video and Picture coverage are not part of the package. Damage of 2000 bucks.

1st Rafting Adventure
Contact Numbers: 8571270 / 09177073583
Contact person: Rupert Domingo

Kagay Whitewater Rafting
Contact Numbers: 8563972, 09162174035
Contact person: Roldan KaamiƱo

Great Whitewater Rafting
Contact Numbers: 85655555
Contact Person: Jerome Garcia

Golden Friendship Whitewater Rafting
Contact Information: 8589007


rafting cagayan de oro said...

If you think the beginner’s course is exhilarating, wait till you try the advance, a much more intense rapids you will face, a category 4 to 5, the trip is much longer and more rapids to encounter.

Anonymous said...

just to update the contact number of KAGAY mobile 0917-712-2323 bayantal 088-310-4402 or PLDT 088-852-1021

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