Friday, July 10, 2009

Make Money Online, Is this Real? Part 1

Is this for real? The world wide web has so much opportunity to offer. You can earn, advertise, inform and even let others watch you in You Tube. It's a matter of choosing which side you are in. The pleasure side of browsing the Internet or the productive side that buys you coffee every morning.

As an author of this blog, my first venture is by putting advertisements in this blog - Club Tourists & Co. I have incorporated AdSense by Google and Nuffnang. As of this blogging, I have not earned yet. But that won't stop me. Maybe I just lack the traffic, maybe some of the visitors are not clicking the Google Ads all over my blog or maybe I need to re-strategize the look and feel of my site for better appreciation from my visitors.

AdSense by Google quota for cash out is $100 while Nuffnangs is Php2,000. I know I'm doing the right thing by advertising my blog in some forums, websites and even traffic generators like Traffic Pods. But there's a feeling that I'm still lacking something. I'm not yet sure what that is. In God's time, I'm confident enough that I'll hit the bulls eye. So stay put.

Next thing that I did was singing-up to FREE PTC (Paid-To-Click) websites. PTC websites give you money by just clicking on advertisements. There are thousands of PTC's out there that offers you lots of money actually. But BEWARE, some don't actually PAY. Some PTC sites are just bragging this and that but when you're about to have a cash-out, its a PAIN IN THE NECK. How did I know this? In Google, where else?

I have tried my luck with 2 (two) of them.
This is the Neobux and Wordlinx. Maybe ask why I chose these 2. I google a lot. I read reviews about this PTC madness. My first choice based on my research is Neobux and after 3 days, i entered Wordlinx as a backup.

Neobux and Wordlinx have paid out over a million of clickers world wide
. If you got the chance to read the websites forum, lots of testimonies with their earnings are there. (You may click the banners provided below if want to go directly to the websites.)

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

As a newbie here, I'm still in the process of studying the system and
thinking hard if I'll invest in the site or not. Hold-up everyone, I know you read invest where in fact I've mentioned its FREE. As soon as you joined either of the 2 PTC's, you'll be included in the so-called Standard member. Standard members are given the "basic" tools for you to earn money. In order for you to earn more it to invest for your referrals or clickers. I cannot elaborate this yet since I have not invested as of this moment.

This topic is part by part. This will depend on my experience whether I'll be successful in this Internet business or not. So hang-on tight, the ride may get nasty as we move further.

To be continued...

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Facebook Proxy said...

Making money online? I can say it's for real. PPC and PTC is just on way of earning but beginners have to know that it's not for the impatient.

New bloggers tend to think that creating a blog/website and slapping the ads on them and expect to cash flow in instantly. Well it's not as eaasy as that, believe it also needs some or to most of us a lot of work.

A wish all the well well for this site, it's looking great.

Stay hungry, stay foolish ^o^.

Club Tourists said...

@Facebook Proxy

Thanks for the comment. I am almost 1 week with PTC and its a little bit faster than PPC. I've used PPC since February of this year and patience is a major necessity. You're right, "slapping ads" is not the way to do it. I guess, at the end of the day, the content of your blog will give you all the incentives in the future.

Please watch out for the Part 2 of this blog coming soon.

Again, thanks!

Pian! said...

actually, if you do things right for example, you plan out how you want your web to be, all the seo stuff, and creating enough article for your web and for your backlink, if you just create a web and slap the ads on your site.. it might just work, it works for me.. i plan everything first, collect enough resources, then build my web.. the next few days.. 1 week max you can already see some income streaming to your pockets. Well that's just my 2cents.:)

Ferhan Johar on