Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Make Money Online, Is this Real? Part 2

Part 2 of my venture in one of the million internet businesses out there. Today, I will highlight my experience in NeoBux. You may think its a Scam. There are bitter websites out there who can't do anything but to knock the hell-up of others credibility. As for me, before venturing in this business, I ensure myself that I'll have an open-mind, done all my homework and have enough cash to splash. Since I'm all-in, now, I'm sharing my story.

I joined NeoBux last June 29, 2009. I have so much to learn about this prestigious PTC site but what the heck, I'm a risk taker. I'm currently a Standard Member. I'm earning $0.04 cent every day. Meaning, as a Standard member, I only have 4 advertisements to click worth $0.01 cent compared to an upgraded fellow. With this in mind, I know I can't "bring home the bacon". After 2 weeks of clicking ads, I started renting my "clickers" or "referrals". As the title implies, these folks helps you with the clicking and of course earning. It's not slavery believe me, you're helping them as well by paying them with their efforts. More on this as we move further.

First, I have rented 30 referrals worth almost $8. As a standard member in NeoBux, your first 2 rentals are discounted. Since I have only earned less than a dollar, I need to invest from my own pocket. This is one of the hardest part to do especially when you're doing transaction in the internet. You're not sure whether the company you're investing in is legit or not. But with research and testimonies from other members, that made me decide to spill out some cash.

As I've experienced, results were pretty much noticeable. After renting 30 referrals, my earnings went up for almost double what I'm getting every day. By the way, we're just talking about cents here, don't get carried away. After seeing the success of the 30 refs, I rented again for my first 100 referrals for $25 bucks. All in, I have invested $33 already. Thats approximately Php1,500 in Philippine currency. Risk risk risk is the word for the day.

After getting my 130 referrals, I'm now averaging $1 per day. Imagine, I rented referrals last July 24 and I earned $10.92 last August 4 already. The minimum payout in NeoBux is $2 actually, so its up to you how much you want to cash. As for me, I played safe. I tried if this really works. Well, I was satisfied! Payout went right away to my Paypal account.

Screen Shots from NeoBux

Screen Shots from My Paypal Account
(Please note that other important details were deleted)

With this in mind, at least we know that NeoBux is really true. Right now, I'm currently thinking of my next move whether I'll invest again for an upgrade or not. You'll know once I've done it.

I'm sharing this information for all of you to be aware. I'm not saying you venture right away because of a $10 result. Before doing any move, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN (this is very famous when I'm in pre-school). Lets not decide in an impulse, lets study whatever business we want to pursue to ensure that whatever cash we splurge in will come back in no time.

This topic is part by part. This will depend on my experience whether I'll be successful in this Internet business or not. So hang-on tight, the ride may get nasty as we move further.

To be continued...

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