Thursday, June 25, 2009

LZM Restaurant, Tagaytay City

Majority of you have tried Leslies and Josephine in Tagaytay City. But, have you tried LZM Restaurant? It's quietly located on top of Magallanes Square (just a little bit infront of Starbucks). Once you're here, don't ever let go of their HUGE Boneless Bangus (milkfish) on top of their bone marrow popping Bulalo! Perfect for the cold climate in Tagaytay.

Simple restaurant but has Extraordinary Food inside. Very affordable. That's the most important right?

Huge Boneless Bangus (Php250)

Bulalo (Php360)

Added Spices (free!)

For more information about LZM Restaurant:
LZM Restaurant

Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City

(46) 413-4539

Restaurant hours: 10AM – 8PM on weekdays, 10AM – 10PM on weekends

Original location at

By Pass Road, San Vicente, Silang, Cavite (in front of The Riviera Golf and Country Club)

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Mavic said...

kakamiss ang bangus! Superrrrrr laki!!!!! balik tyo dyan:-)

Snow said...

I haven't been to LZM Resto pero nakakain na ako sa RSM Resto naman.

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Sincerely yours,

Snow ^_^

Anonymous said...

LZM takes one hour to serve customers. They should learn better customer service.

Anonymous said...

Very poor service. waiters very untidy, tables are very dirty kadiri talaga!!