Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Manos Greek Taverna, Tagaytay City

Club Tourists tried Googling about Greek Restaurant in the Philippines and Manos Greek Taverna was the number 1 in the list. This very simple restaurant is quietly located along Calamba Road in Olivarez San Jose.

The restaurant structure is like typical Ancient Greek House. Its rectangular in shape painted in White. Once you've entered the restaurant, you can just notice the tables are covered with Blue and White sheets (just like in Greece Flag). Pictures of Greece's map, monuments and other popular places. Not to mention some collections of different wines. As simple as it gets.

Local folks and even tourists swarmed the restaurant because of its tasty delicacies. But wait, there's even more, all foods are cooked in Greek virgin oil from their olive plantations on the Island of Crete just like the old Greek tradition 2500 years ago. So whatever you may order, it is Guaranteed - Healthy! No chemicals No preservatives No Colorings and even Vetsin. Don't worry, just order and eat like a Rockstar.

Club Tourists recommend the following cuisines for first timers:

Gyros-Souvlaki (Shawarma) - Php 110
Pasticcio (Baked Macaroni mince meat, bechamel and cheese) - Php 160
Grilled Lamb Shoulder or 3 psc Lamb Ribs - Php 450
Greek Hamburger (Beff patty, tomato, lettuce, cheese and served with fries cooked with olive oil) - Php 130
Baklava (for dessert) - Php 100
Yogurt shake - Php 120

The coolest thing here is you got the chance to meet the owner and his family. Manos Sapountzakis is the local celebrity in Tagaytay. Made famous by his very own recipe. Club Tourists got the chance to meet and greet Sir Manos and what can we say, he's very much like us Filipino's, he's very hospitable and welcoming. He'll spend even a minute of his time to chat with you about the food and your dining experience.

For more information about Manos Greek Taverna:
Address: Calamba Road, Olivarez San Jose, Tagaytay City
Mobile Numbers: (+63916) 4298358, (+63917) 3484935, (+63916) 6090701
Landline (Fax): (+6346) 4134591
Email: manosclub05@yahoo.gr


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